Private session 1,5 hr




€100 per hour, €75 per half hour classes

Up to 1,5 hrs of you.

Awareness guided by your breath. Asana’s to heal, energise, strengthen and rejuvenate the body. Pranayama to do the same for the mind.
Vinyasa Yoga; very active form of Hatha yoga ( Yoga with the poses, and the breath)
Yin Yoga or restorative; very calm and slow form of Hatha yoga. The poses are held for longer periods of time to work more therapeuticly and to really touch the meridianes in the connective tissue.

Ashtanga Yoga; Ancient form of yoga. In which you safely follow a steady sheet of asana’s tought through the “mysore” way of teaching.


Weekly sessions

Depending on the Studio’s prices!

Check; www.yogaseads.nl, www.delightyoga.com

Private sessions 1,5 hr



€100 for a one hour class

€75 for an half hour class