Holistic Intuitive Massage

A massage can do incredibly much.. Pressure relief, healing old injuries, steering away energetic blockages, helps the bowelsystem, boosts the entire sytem, rejuvenates skin, headache relief, soothens migraine attacks, and so on and so on.

Depending on your energy, and how your body feels like, no massage is ever the same. Using holistic massage, classical massage, energy work and sometimes elbows 😉 my main focus is to let your energy run freely again, to awake or strenghten bodily awarenes to help you heal yourself.

All together I would call the kind of massages I give; intuitive massage. Translated; the massage that is exactly what you need at that moment. As all you need today might differ greatly from what your body needs next week. Sessions can last from one hour to one and a half hour.


Near the Peace Palace in The Hague there is a beautiful serene yoga shala; Delight Yoga. It is here in their peaceful massage room that you get your massage. The moment you step into this space, peacefulness flows in and stress flows out. For more info and for reservations; https://delightyoga.com/nl/about/studio/den-haag





Massage 1 hr

70 euro

Massage 1,5 hr

100 euro

Book your massage here; https://delightyoga.com/nl/about/studio/den-haag

or app me on; 0654740053