Bring the spice back to your life

This straight to the core simple wake up method, lifts you up to your true potential. And it’s not just the cold that you learn to embrace as a usefull friend, but the breathwork is taking you even higher. The full power of our own body’s is what this method unleashes. It’s something that we tend to neglect. As comfort became our nature we lost track of our primal forces. Our body’s adapt to whatever it is we’re asking from it. So if we sit on chairs the whole day in warm houses we not only lose a lot of essential nutricious movement, but also our own innerfire. Our body’s become lazy. This simple method wakes up that inner primal potential. Shakes up, wakes up, rejuvenates, invorates and brings the spice back in to your life. Create a bigger and better platform to live your dream life.

One private session with the WHM ( Wim Hof Method) can deepen your already established cold training, change your view and feeling about cold and other extreme conditions, give you the tools of integrating cold and breath into your life. This method is the simplest, brightest and most strength awakening practise there is.

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To find out more about Wim Hof, or this awesome teacher Kasper Vermeulen that showed me the depths of not just this method but also my mind.


On arranged location; Check in my Events and the hosts site.

Private Ice & Breathworkshop 4 hrs ( for 1- 6 persons ); €600 incl a little lunch snack.

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