Lilian Vrolijk

There must be more than this right? More than plastic and buildings, more than medicins and heart diseases? Yes, f&%ing YES! But the funny thing about this “More” is that it’s actually “Less”.

After asking myself this since childhood, and in total awe with the strength of life’s potential, yoga found its way into my life ( no it’s not just for old grandma’s) , the caring became sharing. While practising and teaching Vinyasa yoga ( now already for more than a decade), my awareness grew deeper and I started to dive into the wonder of massage, energy and food.

I was blessed with the most amazing experience of nurturing life, giving birth and becoming a mother, which lulled me in the direction of natural pregnancy and womanhood. The hunger for a deeper connection with the natural world and natural healing in order to live even more fully and more bullshit free, got me biting in the simple and yet profound method of the Ice Man ( Wim Hof and his Method) . As I explored the icecubes, layers and layers of fear, insecurity and comfort were shed. And it was then that I found myself really embracing the strenght of the cold ( nature) and with that, my own strenght and capacaties. And as I was climbing a snowy mountain in merely a bikini and a beany, I learned that I got to stop taking myself so damn serious! It’s only now we have got to live. And I want to fill it up with everything that I feel is important. Which is love, fun and a prosperous everything…

This world is an amazing place and it needs all the love it can get. It starts with ourselfses, one step at the time. So lets get into this positive spiral, that’ll shoot us to the stars!

With these revolutionairy life savers & changers (Yoga, Wim Hof Method, Massage, Nature, Food) combined, sessions or workshops with me differ from a restorative Yin yoga class to an invigorating Ashtanga Primary led class. From a slow holistic massage to a dive in the sea, mid winter. To get you into this moment as the real empowered, healthy, you. So that you can live your life to the fullest. No bullshit.